LRFC 19 – CitiGroup 15

March 12th, 2012|0 Comments

Lloyd’s RFC 19 – CitiGroup 15

City League

A cold and windy evening at the Black Heath rugby ground featuring an artificial surface was the setting for our City League fixture against Citigroup and it was encouraging to see a few new faces in the Lloyd’s line-up.  Citigroup have come off a string of wins which apparently include the scalp of Linklaters so this was never going to be an easy game.


The new combinations, coupled with the fact that a lot of the lads haven’t had a run out in a while showed and Lloyd’s were quickly 15-0 down and on the back foot with Citigroup crossing the line twice and adding a penalty.  Whilst enjoying most of the possession, discipline, handling errors and a head wind were making it difficult for Lloyd’s to stamp their mark on the game but a bit of fire from number 6 on the day Kieran “Dizzy” Bowling seemed to get things moving and he duly crossed in the corner for his first of the day.  Citigroup had a quiet word in the ref’s ear and what appeared to be a bit of stinky potty mouth chat gave the ref no choice but to award  Dizzy’s try as a penalty try. Haywardmade no mistake with the conversion and Lloyd’s went into the turn 15-7 down but with possession and momentum very much on our side.


The second half got underway to some ghastly noises coming from Dizzy inside our 22 where I believe the remains of his lunch got the better of him, and what came up can only be described as a steaming mess that looked hotter than papa bears porridge.  From a distance it appeared pasta was on the menu but we are still not sure.


With the wind at our back the boot ofHaywardpinned Citigroup firmly in their half and the pressure finally told with Bowling crossing for his second. Unconverted


The tactically nous of Pound and Jacobs on the line rang the changes with the precision of battlefield Generals with a fondness for fermented grape. The injection of fresh legs resulted in Guy House crossing the line withHaywardmaking easy work of the conversion.


A scrappy game ensued and Lloyd’s were camped just outside the oppositions 22 but despite the best efforts of both forwards and backs alike LRFC were unable get the final try that would have closed the game.


We made hard work of the fixture and the game finished 19-15 which may have flattered the opposition.


Tommy Berrill and Nick Kirkham put in noticeable performances on the day and a lot of the new lads did well to stake a claim for themselves going forward.  The front row of Coleman, Playstation and Toister also coped admirably considering the symbol like hands we all seemed to possess on the day which resulted in a good few ball spillages.


Unfortunately the e-mail needs to be ended on a disappointing note.


Gents, a lot of work goes in to planning and organizing these fixtures.  We do our best to try and give everyone at least a weeks notice about an upcoming fixture so you can make plans to get yourselves involved and usually a reminder 3 days before the fixture goes out with further details.  If you make yourself available and have not come back to us before the day of the fixture, we assume you are still available. People pulling out on the day of the game is simply unacceptable.  Granted, there are situations that some people are just unable to avoid and we all understand that but some of the feeble excuses received were shocking.  No less than 10 of you pulled out on the day and it’s a let down to the team who are making the effort and frustrating for those who have put the hard yards in to organize the fixture.  Thankfully Lloyd’s is fortunate to have a large pool of players at our disposal but there have been instances in the past where we have had to start and finish a game with 14 players as a result of pull outs on the day.


A list of these people will now be passed to Gloop who will visit you individually and apply the wrath of the “yawning monkey” (once of course his quad muscle and throat infection have healed). You have been warned…..


Details of the next fixture will be sent out as and when we receive the information.




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