LRFC 7 – HAC 3

March 12th, 2012|0 Comments

Lloyd’s RFC 7 – HAC 3


Unsurprisingly, in perfect conditions and with the players fresh from months of conditioning work the game exploded into life straight from the kick off. With the HAC bringing fast tempo and displaying some superb off loading out of the tackle any thoughts of a pleasant 20min each way romp to victory for Lloyd’s quickly evaporated.

Despite a prolonged period of pressure and possession from LRFC in the first half LRFC only made it over the white wash once in the opening 20mins. Fly half Hayward scoring the try carrying half the HAC over the line with him and Prop Parkinson converting, or was it the other way round?? Many in the crowd were unsure. Due to the ascendency of the LRFC set piece the HAC elected to take a penalty kick late in the second half. Half time 7-3.

LRFC were unfortunate to lose Alex “Glass jaw, Smiler” Maclennan in the first half after he attempted to bludgeon his way through the HAC pack head first with mixed success. He made good ground but was left speaking in tongues and grinning more than usual. If you’ve seen Alex before it’s quite evident this is not the first time he’s taken a blow to the head and we hope to see him back on the paddock again soon.

LRFC made several changes at half time and struggled to find the dominance of the first half. HAC on the other hand really hit their straps. A stubborn and courageous defensive display in the second half, including multiple individual try saving tackles from pretty much every player in a LRFC shirt, ensured LRFC were able to hold out and take the victory 7-3.

Many thanks to all those who came to the HAC and supported the Club both on and off field, during and after the game. Huge appreciation to those of you who assisted me with organisation before and during the fixture. Special thanks to one Club member for hand delivering the most expensive bottle of blackcurrant known to man all the way from Singapore for the post match rehydration session.

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