LRFC 86 v JP Morgan 12

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Date: 27th February, 2013

Game: City League

Opponents: JP Morgan

Venue: Wimbledon RFC

KO: 7.30pm


Wednesday evening saw a strong Lloyd’s RFC outfit take on JP Morgan at Wimbledon Rugby Club.

Kick-off was delayed as JP Morgan managed to only scramble 13 players together but credit where credit is due, they pitched up and wanted a game.

The Lloyd’s lads stuck their hands up and we managed to loan them a couple of player to fill the missing number and play was underway.

Lloyd’s enjoyed a enormous amount of territory and possession and out muscled, outpaced and out skilled the opposition and it was clear from the outset that the score board was going to be ticking over frequently.

Enjoying a very rich vein of form the lads played true Lloyd’s RFC running rugby and JP Morgan were happy when the ref blew for full time with the score at 86-12 in Lloyd’s favour.

It must be said the oppositions 12 points came by assistance from 2 Lloyd’s RFC players.  Firstly, Rob “Digger” Pound, the veteran putting in 80 solid minutes (and still self credited as the best player in the club), managed to juggle the ball (he will probably say it was due to the slippery ball in ironically dry conditions) from our 22, back towards our line before it evaded him, rolled over the whitewash and was pounced on by the opposition who celebrate enthusiastically with the score at 56-0.

Their second score came by way of a brilliant 50m break from Guy Taylor who donned a JP Morgan jersey for the second half only to be hauled down short of the line with the JP Morgan support players making the most of his hard work by finishing off his solo move.

Every Lloyd’s player on the paddock had their part to play in the victory and it would be hard to name a man of the match, the pack and the backs dominated in every aspect.  Tim Foister, captaining the side on the paddock for the first time, led the from the front and solid performances from speedster Will Warden, Will Pickard, Tom Wagstaff, James Tiarks and Guy “Wendy” House (picking up 4 tries on the evening on which he celebrated his birthday) should not go amiss.

However, it is the following lads who deserve the plaudits: Guy Taylor, Regan Thomas, James ”Playstation/Playdo” Plaistow, James Clark and Will Abbott.

These lads stuck their hands up and offered their playing services to the opposition to make sure that the game could go ahead as scheduled and this unselfish gesture was duly noted by the Lloyd’s RFC players and the opposition alike.  Well done gents.

The last 2 minutes of play provided some light hearted entertainment when a JP Morgan player was caught by none other than Will “Pixie” Pickard entering the ruck from an offside position.  Pixie took exception to this and a little off the ball push ensued.  The JP Morgan player threw a haymaker that Mike Tyson would have been proud of but clearly it was a “threatening” swing that was never intended to hit the mark…..but……it did, clipping Pixie’s left eye which opened up not one but two little hair line cuts.

Pixie duly left the field to seek some medical attention but not before advising the ref that the incident should be viewed as “Assault” and shouting “did the opposition player not know that he had a client meeting the next morning”!!  Genius!!

For those concerned, the wound was glued by a lovely Pilipino nurse at Kingston hospital who is currently looking for tickets to the next international.



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